Smart solutions / excellent ticketing

ActiveTickets has been the platform for organizations who wants to sell tickets easier and quicker. We fosus on developing feature-rich integrations. Ticket sales should be simple, embedded in your website and 100% safe. ActiveTickets is a modular platform and can be used for any business with any size.

Discover the benefits and create a better experience for your customers

  • All support (24 x 7) is included

  • Innovative ticketing platform

  • Flexible and easy embedded in your website

  • Access to all your data

  • Work as a team with organizations in a single system

  • Loyality and membership solutions

  • Customize your design

  • Online/offline wallet

  • Validate tickets at the door with; Scannapp, wifi and usb

  • Smooth ticketing even with high web traffic

  • SEO and Google Analytics integration

  • Ticket sales, communication history, marketing data. All-in 1 database

  • Modern, web-based, api driven platform

ActiveTickets works together with: