How can we help?

Smart and effective

Originally started to develop smart and effective web applications and websites. Ten years ago we were one of the first to realize reliable online ticket sales for our customers.

We develop in the best technical environment to be able to roll out our applications as flexible, taxable, fast and stable as possible. We work for this in Microsoft .NET and continuously invest in the best hardware to offer SLAs up to 99.8%.

Extensive database

The software is developed in-house and continuing delivering easy to use solutions. The system offers users extensive possibilities to collaborate with fellow institutions or a festival. Own and export your customer data. As an Active Tickets user you are in full control of the data.

Excellent supplier

ActiveTickets has low service costs, is developed with organisers for organisers and gives full control and insight into the visitor’s buying and visiting behavior. Extensive analyzes and reports make it possible to set up marketing campaigns and crm tools.

ActiveTickets works together with a large group of users. Pop, culture, film and festival Small, big and everything in-between: ActiveTickets has an answer for every ticket sales wish.

A team of specialists in the field of ticket sales in various forms (online, mobile, door sales, pre-sales, marketing, etc.) and developers with more than a decade of experience in online ticket sales.

How do we support?

A performance, film, concert or festival does not start in the morning or ends before five o’clock in the afternoon. The team of ActiveTickets is there to help, in an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are always available to help or support so you can keep your focus the events.

10 year experience

ActiveTickets has been used daily by hundreds of users since 2005, 100% Dutch and consists of a team of 10 professional specialists. ActiveTickets now offers users the assurance of the best ticketing solutions now and in the future.


ActiveTickets is modular and is therefore the ticket system for small and large organizations. We help business whether it is theatre, film, pop or a festival. We offer innovative solutions for a competitive price.

ActiveTickets to promote, manage and sell tickets at any event, in any venue.

With our dedicated event software we serve a wide range of businesses. Online and offline; Make your events more affordable and profitable. Offer excellent service and create a great experience with our smart solutions. ActiveTickets, offers extensive functionalities and modules everything to organise and improve the succes of your ticketing. And more…

Sell tickets on your dedicated website

ActiveTickets offers an auto responsive webshop that can easily be integrated into your website with an i-frame or a pop-up. Sell tickets on your website for the best customer experience during the ticketing process.

Event smart ticket solution

The interface for ticket sales is designed and suitable for operation with mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. With ActiveTickets it is possible to make reservations, make partial withdrawals, use multiple payment methods, use unlimited amounts of ticket prices, etc.

Powerful marketing tools

Online ticketing in combination with the right information, ActiveTickets offers powerful marketing tools that makes it possible to get to know and reach your audience in an optimal way. Features are online promotional codes, loyalty discounts and packages.

Reports with essential information

The reporting in ActiveTickets provides a unlimited number of essential reports for different types of users within the organization. Reports are available in real-time and all reports can be exported directly to Excel.

Web services

The web services gives you the possibility to retrieve and write data in ActiveTickets. This creates a perfect web integration. ActiveTickets is developed according to a open structure and can be connected to other experts. Think of a website that increases the conversion, narrowcasting in public spaces, information dashboards, the efficiency of planning software, the possibilities of a campaign management or CRM system etc.